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I truly wish that these testimonials will allow more people to consider the idea of receiving counselling / therapy, not necessarily with me but also elsewhere, as part of their everyday life and be able to benefit from it.

Voice One 

"I have been postponing to get help for years before I reached out to Yu. I did not want to feel judged and felt scared that my experiences were not something others have. I stopped feeling judged by others. Now I know that everyone is different and that I do not need to try to be “normal". I also feel happier now that I know I can talk to a counsellor if I have any problems. I recommend those who have concerns to reach out to mental health professionals." 

Voice Two 

"I think my hesitation (to seek help) mostly came from a cultural stigma (surrounding mental health). Growing up in a culture where psychotherapy was seen as "a treatment for someone with issues", I never thought that it was something for me. Living in a different cultural environment, where people are more open to discuss their mental health, allowed me to see therapy from a different perspective."


"Through therapy, I'm starting to realise that there is no one without "issues" in their life and everyone has different set of issues and that is okay. One of the biggest things I learned through therapy was to be aware of this and allow myself to be vulnerable, emotional, and feel the way I feel. I also learned that feelings are always not rational and can be very temporary. This mindset helped me get out of the "never-ending loop" and made me feel more at ease about all thoughts and feelings that come to my mind as I live my life."

Voice Three

"I guess I told myself the following things for years before finally deciding to contact someone for help:

  • Do you really need to talk to a therapist? You can probably just read a book and figure this out yourself

  • It's too expensive, not worth the investment

  • Maybe they'll tell me I'm fine, and I'm really just lazy and need no official help

  • I'll probably just hear their advice and not follow through with it anyway."


"Through therapy, I realised that:​

  • I definitely did need it and couldn't easily do this all on my own

  • It's worth the investment

  • I have taken some advice and made improvements to my life, but still have a long way to go."

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