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Yu Yamamoto

I provide psychological assessment services to children, adolescents, and adults in both English and Japanese, using a diverse range of standardized assessment tools. Psychological assessment is not just a process of testing for potential neuropsychological disorders, but rather an important initial step towards recognizing one's relative strength and weakness. I believe that it will become an invaluable compass for life.


Psychological assessment helps us determine the degree to which any neurological or cognitive processes that may or may not be related to individual's presenting concerns impact their academic, career achievement and, social as well as other important aspects of life. 


I offer counselling / therapy services to people of all age groups - mainly children through to young adults - from all walks of life, cultural background, and ethnicities.


Swimming through the sea of abundance of information can be overwhelming. Knowing what or who may be right for us and where to seek help from is not easy. By joining force with other mental health professionals, I aim to share the resources that could assist you in taking the first step towards seeking help. 

Mental Health Resources
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